Friday, July 23, 2010

This Week's Monkey Poll: Jean Harlow Movies

Of these Pre-Code Jean Harlow movies, which have you seen? (You may vote for more than one.)

Hell's Angels
The Public Enemy
Platinum Blonde
Three Wise Girls
Red-Headed Woman
Red Dust
Hold Your Man
Dinner At Eight
None, oh woe is me

As always, use the gadget at the top right-hand side of the page to cast your vote. The poll is open for a week.


Avalon76 said...

You forgot Three Wise Girls, which is one of my favorites!

Mythical Monkey said...

For you, Avalon, I added Three Wise Girls, and then threw in Hold Your Man for good measure.

Because you're worth it!

Probably ought to throw in The Public Enemy, too, now that I think about it ...

Mythical Monkey said...

But if Mister Muleboy writes in and asks me to add Beau Hunks, forget it!

michel said...

My favorite Three Wise Girls and I buy 15.00 from Ebay..I am very happy..Thanks

Mythical Monkey said...

Welcome to the blog, Michel!