Friday, July 23, 2010

On Second Thought ...

Apparently blogger has been having a recurring problem with its "poll" gadgets—people vote only to see their vote disappear. We have enough of that sort of thing in the real world, so I'm going to remove the poll for the time being.

Sorry about that.


Maggie said...

Is the photo of Harlow from a film? I noticed that pose seemed to be rather popular. It reminded me of Garbo's haunting pose on the cover of Life (?) It's pretty easy to separate the good girls from those who look like trouble, just by certain poses and shadows.

Anonymous said...

that sucks. Did you vote on my poll? if you did, did your vote stick?
Lovely photo.
I just watched Red dust the other day, Gable and Harlow were such a good screen couple.
BTW (has nothing to do with this but.. A Jean Harlow Box set is long overdue isn't it, she still has such a wide fan base, so whoever's in charge of that should get cracking.

Mythical Monkey said...

Did you vote on my poll? if you did, did your vote stick?

I did vote on your poll (favorite Barbara Stanwyck role) -- I picked The Lady Eve although it could just as easily have been Baby Face, Ball Of Fire or Double Indemnity. I meant to leave a comment to that effect but I was rushing from one place to another ...

In fact, I was the very first person to vote on the poll -- I happen to catch it right after you posted. I'm pretty sure it stuck, but then I've been voting on the poll at All Good Things (favorite non-Singin' In The Rain performance by Debbie Reynolds) (Susan Slept Here by the way) and it never sticks.

Maybe it's just me.

Oh, and as for that Jean Harlow boxset, rumor has it they'll have one for her hundredth birthday in 2011. But they've been talking about it since 2004 according to my research. I fear we may never get a proper collection.

Mythical Monkey said...

Is the photo of Harlow from a film?

That's a good question. To tell you the truth, I fished it from the bitstream about five minutes before I posted it and I didn't pay any attention to where it came from -- poor etiquette on my part.

You do see that pose a lot, usually from actresses who started their careers in the silent era (Greta Garbo, Jean Crawford, Norma Shearer). Maybe it was a posed publicity photo and the photographer said "Okay, now do Greta Garbo unhappy with her hair."