Monday, December 13, 2010

Poll Results: Duck Soup Is Your Favorite Movie Of The Early Sound Era

Last week's poll question—"Which is your favorite Hollywood movie of the early sound era?"—resulted in a record turnout.

How you voted:

Duck Soup—14
King Kong—8
City Lights—7
Grand Hotel—6
All Quiet On The Western Front—5
Trouble In Paradise—5
The Jazz Singer—0

Wonder what movies those six voters had in mind when they opted for "other." There are a lot of good choices, I have to admit. If you want to stop by and tell us, we at the Monkey would like to know.

In the meantime, you might well ask, where are the real blog entries? I'm working on it—two thousand words on the Nickelodeon Era and counting. Should be up tomorrow. Here's a taste of things to come:


Zoe said...

yay one of the three I voted for got the most (Trouble in Paradise and City Light got the other two, ouldn't decide on 1) Poor old Jazz Singer with 0.
Looking forward to the nickelodeon era essay sure its fab!

Douglas Fairbanks said...

Why, exactly, was The Private Life of Don Juan omitted?


Mythical Monkey said...

Why, exactly, was The Private Life of Don Juan omitted?

I can honestly say it was omitted because it was released in 1934, which technically makes it a "Golden Age" movie in my limited, idiosyncratic sense of the term, i.e., 1934-41.

Of course, when "other" is an option, no movie is ever really omitted ...

Douglas Fairbanks said...


Mythical Monkey said...


Stickler's mom.

mister muleboy said...

Stickler's Mother.

That well-known painting of a dour lady. . . .

thingy said...

Yes, A duck beats an ape!