Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's Oscar Trivia #31

Gone But Not Forgotten Dozens of times, actors and filmmakers have been nominated for Oscars posthumously. James Dean, the only actor to be nominated twice after his death, received his second nomination for Giant (1956). What 1955 film marked his first?

One And Done Only three times has a film won the Academy Award for Best Picture and no other Oscars. One was a 1932 drama set in Berlin with an all-star cast headed by Greta Garbo and John Barrymore. Name it.

Nominated For Playing A Nominee Several actors and actresses have been nominated for playing Oscar nominees. For what 1978 comedy did Maggie Smith win a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for playing an actress who loses an Oscar?

And with that, TCM's 31 Days of Oscar comes to a close, and with it, the 31 Days of Oscar Trivia. Tomorrow, I'll do the math and let you know who answered the most questions correctly. The smart money is on MovieNut14 ...

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MovieNut14 said...

1) East of Eden

2) Grand Hotel

3) California Suite