Tuesday, May 24, 2011

That's Typing Tuesday #4: Doggie In The Yard (a poem)

"That's Typing" Tuesday, in which I share unpolished, unpublished writings from my vast store of unpolished, unpublished writings. On Tuesdays.

"Doggie in the yard"

see the little doggie
doggie in the yard
happy face
he runs pell-mell
bury bone
and waggy tail
and though I don't know
his name
and we haven't been
I can't help notice
he's cavalier
about the brown stuff
he's produced
produced upon my
fresh-mown lawn
produced and left
and now he's gone.

Next Tuesday: Bull Durham


Maggie said...

Oh, now he's a poet.

I did not know it.

(((snaps fingers)))

Bellotoot said...

Wow! That poem's vintage Monkey! Ooh, that poem takes me back, back, back . . .

. . . to the eighties!

Mythical Monkey said...

Oh, now he's a poet.

I did not know it.

Think of it as free verse doggerel.

Get it? Dog. Doggie. Doggerel.


Mythical Monkey said...

That poem's vintage Monkey!

Actually I found it in an old e-mail you sent me after you found it sorting through some old files.

"Old" is the operative word.

Lupner said...

I like it. And the Tuesdays concept ...

Incidentally, I know a girl who once used the words "lawn" and "gone" in a similar manner in a poem written many many many years ago. About a fawn. No lie.

Katie said...

A little truth in advertising here - that is a picture of the monkey's dog, she's a she, and the monkey is very familiar (he would say overly familiar) with the brown stuff she produces.