Thursday, August 18, 2011

Birthday Of A Salesman

Today is my big brother's birthday—I won't tell you how many. Knowing him, he's either on the road working or he's playing golf in Amelia Island. In any event, I'm reasonably sure I know which he'd rather being doing.

In his honor, a short film about golf.


mister muleboy said...

I have always admired Steve Monkey because he correctly identified the woman who had started the US-Vietnam War: his mother.

Well, that and some other stuff. . . .

War Damn Happy Birthday!

l'il jimmy watson said...

my old man's birthday [88th] was a couple'a days ago.

i didn't mention it on my blog.

i hope he wasn't offended.

[i'm pretty sure he doesn't read it]

Mythical Monkey said...

I'll bet he's just using death as an excuse. My dad's been pulling the same stuff with me for years.

On the other hand, we've saved a bundle on Father's Day presents, so we've got that going for us ...

La Petite Gallery said...

They were my Dad's favorite.
Just saw a few very old films of Joan Crawford, she was lovely, had such a soft look. What happened??
Hollyeood took it's toll.