Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Year In Review (2011)

Note: my year, not the year, which would require me to write about recent movies, politics, current events and a lot of other stuff I'm not qualified to yack about.

If you're new to the Monkey, this might serve as a good introduction to the blog. If you're a veteran, well, you can warm yourself at the glow of these twice-stirred embers.

10. Reposting
Lazy dreaming led to a lot of reposting this year and these about Georges Méliès, Louise Brooks, Buster Keaton and Clara Bow proved to be more popular—and timely—the second time around.

9. Buster Keaton's Pie Recipe
Speaking of Buster Keaton, this was the tastiest entry of the year, a recipe from the greatest silent comedian of them all for the perfect pie-throwing pie. Mrs. Smith's it ain't.

8. Major Awards
No, not a leg lamp, but almost as good—a box of DVDs from the good people at True Classics for an essay answering the age-old question, "Citizen Kane: Best Ever?" and Blog of the Month at the greatest blog of them all, If Charlie Parker Was A Gunslinger, There'd Be A Whole Lot Of Dead Copycats. Not to mention the Liebster Blog Award, the Stylish Blogger Award and Katie-Bar-The-Door's unexplained but greatly appreciated willingness to let me hang around with her for twenty-two years running.

7. Sharpologist
The Monkey's other cyberspace gig, an infrequent column about shaving in Hollywood movies, starting here.

6. That's Typing Tuesday
A fairly regular feature here at the Monkey, in which I share unpolished, unpublished writings from my vast store of unpolished, unpublished writings (on Tuesdays), That's Typing Tuesday produced my single-most clicked upon post of the year, some random musings about The Sound of Music.

5. Accidental Substance
Every once in a while I actually manage to write about what I profess to write about—movies and people from the past that you should know about.

4. The Dick Van Dyke Show At Fifty
This one-shot foray into the world of classic television was a pure pleasure to write.

3. The On-Going Silent Oscars Series
My attempt to write the history of silent movies through a series of multi-part essays. Wish the effort were going faster.

2.Report From The Willow Manor Ball: In Cyberspace, No One Can See You Dance
Tess Kincaid of Life at Willow Manor throws a mean party and it got a whole lot meaner when the Mythical Monkey, Katie-Bar-The-Door and the cast of The Thing From Another World showed up. Some free advice: if James "Disco Inferno" Arness shows up at your New Years Eve bash tonight, keep a fire extinguisher handy.

1.Cary Grant Has A Cold
A case of writer's block meets an odd-ball celebrity quote and results in my favorite post of the year.

Happy New Year!


Prashant C. Trikannad said...

This is probably my first visit to your blog and in just ten seconds of scroll-down I spotted a few of my favourites—Buster Keaton, Citizen Kane, The Sound of Music, Cary Grant... I'll have to see what else I've been missing all this while. M.M.: A Happy New Year to you and your family!

FlickChick said...

It's been a great year at your blog! love and look forward to 2012!

Dawn said...

This year.. I what to try and visit my favorite blogs more often..

mister muleboy said...

Monkey, I think yer blog is fantastic, your wit is unsurpassed, your insights are keen, and your

use of the word regift was done JUST TO PISS ME OFF.


Happy New Year to you, bub.
Let's get together in 2040 and look back at our blogging.

Someone can explain it to us, as I'm sure we'll just be drooling buffoons yelling binky! at random hours. . . .

Mythical Monkey said...

Monkey, I think yer blog is fantastic, your wit is unsurpassed, your insights are keen

Right on all counts, mister muleboy, which is why we've been friends for so long.

I kid.

The word "regift" doesn't offend me as much as some others -- "impact" used as a verb, for example (grr!) -- but I nod knowingly at your indignation.

Mythical Monkey said...

A Happy New Year to you and your family!

And a happy new year to you, too, Prashant (C. Trikannad). And I commed your blog, Chess, Comics, Crosswords, Books, Music, Cinema to my faithful readers.

Mythical Monkey said...

love and look forward to 2012!

Same to you, FlickChick!

Mythical Monkey said...

try and visit my favorite blogs more often..

My sentiments as well, Dawn. And yours is one of the best.