Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just One More Reason Why I Read The New Yorker

In Emily Nussbaum's column "My So-Called Top Ten List," in which she mentions more than thirty television shows she likes while resolutely refusing to turn them into any kind of a formal list (and just let me say as an aside that anybody who likes both Mad Men and Archer is welcome in my house anytime), she provided a link to a show I confess I've never even heard of (which doesn't mean anything; even though I love television, Law and Order was on the air for twelve years before I'd heard of that) (yeah, yeah, I know), Bunheads, with the note "Television is always the best when it takes you by surprise."

I've now had this tune, an oldie but a goodie, buzzing around in my head for days now and it's time for it to buzz around in yours, too.


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Sasha's got an attitude. I like that. :-)

Laura said...

The New Yorker and They Might Be Giants? This post is a winner. I'm going to have to check out that show now.

Unknown said...

Hi Monkey,

Pretty Clever Films launched an all new feature this morn - the film blog 'o the day. Seeing as how the Mythical Monkey is one my mostest fav web reads, it's the first blog mentioned!

You can see the post here, if you'd like

Keep on typin'!

Brandy, aka Pretty Clever Film Gal