Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Eleanor Parker (1922-2013)

All the newspaper headlines today noting Eleanor Parker's passing trumpet her role in The Sound of Music, which is a pity, I think, since it's probably the worst showcase for her talent. Better to take a look at her Oscar-nominated performances in Caged, Detective Story and Interrupted Melody. Or how about her wicked supporting performance in Frank Sinatra's The Man With The Golden Arm? Or for that matter, The Naked Jungle with Charlton Heston where she at least looks super hot.

Anyway, some photos.


Grand Old Movies said...

I agree, Eleanor Parker should be remembered for far more than some Rodgers & Hammerstein treacle. A greatly talented lady. And she does look very hot!

KC said...

This is my favorite Parker tribute. Though she was excellent in The Sound of Music, she didn't have nearly enough opportunity to distinguish herself--though she did as much as could be done. The photos are an excellent way to demonstrate her versatility. Some of them actually look like they are of different people! I think Scaramouche was her best sexy movie star role. Her best acting was in Caged, because she made such a huge transformation so seamlessly. That performance hit me in the gut. Man, we should do a blogathon for her! She needs one!