Saturday, February 15, 2014

A New Poll: Alternate Oscars Of 1926

I'm testing out a new polling device ahead of the 2014 Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament which begins in March. To say the Monkey has had trouble with blogger's polling widget in the past would be a polite understatement. So I'll be going with this time around.

At the same time, I've been kicking around the notion of creating a permanent poll on a separate page allowing readers to vote on alternate nominees for alternate Oscars. The polls at right are a sample of what you might see on such a page.

If you don't know anything about the movies of 1926, I encourage you to vote anyway. Ignorance has never stopped the Academy, why should it stop you?


Jandy said...

I've seen six of the Best Picture options, four of the best actor options (all actors represented except Langdon), and two of the best actress options (one each for Garbo and Gish).

I voted anyway, as per your instructions. :)

Mythical Monkey said...

The Strong Man is the one Langdon worth tracking down. He really put it all together there. That Frank Capra was directing probably helped.

Buster Keaton said later that Langdon didn't really understand what he was doing or what his appeal was, but his ego got big enough for him to take full control of his career anyway. He flamed out pretty quickly. But in 1926, he looked like he was going to join Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd on the Mount Rushmore of silent comedy.