Sunday, July 15, 2018

1941 Alternate Oscars

My choices are noted with a ★. Historical Oscar winners are noted with a ✔.

I previously wrote about Citizen Kane here. And I had a word or two to say about Mary Astor's surprisingly divisive performance in The Maltese Falcon here.


Uncle Tom said...

I bet it was General Stilwell that voted for "Dumbo" - he loves that movie. Riots can't drag him away

mister muleboy said...

As I explained in 2011:

I first saw Kane in a revival house with a great projector, and an honest-to-Gahd silver screen.

Let me tell you, you ain't seen black nor white 'til you've seen this picture under those conditions.

Anyway, I like Kane because I am Kane.

Except without all the success and accomplishments and shit. . . .

still stands up. excep where it doesn't. . . .