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My choices are noted with a ★. A tie is indicated with a ✪. Historical Oscar winners are noted with a ✔. Best foreign-language picture winners are noted with an ƒ. A historical winner who won in a different category is noted with a ✱.

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Erik Beck said...

Definitely object to the lack of Emil Jannings for Faust. Whether you want to consider him lead or supporting, it's the best male performance of 1926 either way.

Mythical Monkey said...

Hey, Erik Beck of the Boston Becks — how're you doing? Since blogspot ate all my links, I don't get over to your blog (or anybody else's) as often as I would like. I hope you're still keeping the faith.

You're probably right about Emil Jannings. From roughly The Last Laugh to The Blue Angel, he was about the best actor working. I think here I thought his performance in Faust was supporting and that rather than squeeze one of the other three out of the only nominations of their careers, I'd let Jannings sit this one out.

But that's the alternate Oscar business for you — fix one problem and create two others.

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