Friday, March 27, 2009

I Know What You're Thinking

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "How long, O Lord, can he write about movies I'm never going to see?!?"

Well, I figure to get to the Marx Brothers by the end of April. Sooner if we're lucky. You've seen the Marx Brothers, right?

And before then, I promise to write about Jean Harlow's thighs, gangster movies and why men are not much more than big animals with clothes on. So it can't be all bad.


Bellotoot said...

I am deeply pleased to read your offerings! Reading too quickly, however, I thought you had announced that Jean Harlow was a big animal with clothes on. I wondered what she was without her clothes on. Reading more carefully, I now happily anticipate your ruminations on the Marx Brothers and their films, among other subjects. Urban legend has it that two men once devoted an entire job interview to a discussion of the Marxes, even though the job at issue did not concern even the smallest of the brothers! (I can't recall - was that Al, Harry or Jimmy?) Later on, the Brothers Marx pretty much dominated that job, as did Jean Harlow's thighs. But, of course, the latter is true of most jobs. Yup.

Mister Parker said...

Yeah, you definitely misread that one, Mister Bellotoot. Jean Harlow, who stood only 5'1", was actually a very small animal, and in "Red Dust," had no clothes on at all.

As for the urban legend of the job interview devoted to nothing but the Marx Brothers, I plan to write an entire column on the subject ...

All speculation, of course.

Jesus H Christ said...

Ooooooh. Red Dust.

Hubba hubba.