Monday, March 23, 2009

A Mythical Monkey Explains Himself

You've heard the adage that an infinite number of monkeys typing at an infinite number of type- writers for an infinite amount of time will eventually produce Shakespeare's Hamlet.

You may have also heard it said that one monkey banging away at one typewriter for twenty minutes a day can produce enough blogs to fill up half the bandwidth on the internet.

This is the blog of one such monkey.

Actually, the term "mythical monkey" comes from an old Perry Mason novel sitting on my bookshelf. Perry Mason is the reason I became a lawyer.

Oh, how I hate Perry Mason.


Wee Willy Safire said...

i started to write a lengthy comment about your ascent from madness, etc.

then I noticed the Charlie Parker website.

YOU should go there IMMEDIATELY.

Another childhood inspiration awaits you. Beckons you. Calls to you!

Clarence Darrow said...

i also thought you should be initiated.

commenters can fuck up the whole beautiful flow o' your prose.

not that I was intending that. i just realized that it was the natural result.

japan v. korea in world baseball classic seems wrong.

oh, yeah; Earl Stanley Gardner -- were we the only two idiot ten-year-olds reading *every* goddamned one as Paul Drake jacknifed himself into the client's chair in Perry's office, complaining about the lack of sleep and hamburger sandwiches on which he'd dined [whilst Perry and Della had steaks slathered in butter] [ich]?

Anonymous said...

I always particularly admired that Perry Mason never answered letters, saw clients who weren't knockouts or earned more than a one dollar retainer. I modeled my entire legal career on him.

Except without, you know, the brilliant work in the courtroom ...

Clarence Darrow said...

I want to read the novels where he nailed Della and a client at once: The Case Of The Licentious Libertine