Monday, October 26, 2009

Wait A Minute, Wait A Minute—You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet!

I promised you that if I found Al Jolson performing "Toot Toot Tootsie" from The Jazz Singer with the "Wait a minute, wait a minute—you ain't heard nothing yet" introduction intact, I'd upload it for you.

Well, here it is, arguably the most pivotal moment in movie history:


Maggie said...

Whew! He sure had some fancy moves. Hee- hee.
Why not sound through the whole thing? Too expensive?
I wonder how much bleach she had to use on her hair?

Mythical Monkey said...

I might have to learn those Al Jolson dance moves for my niece's wedding next year. Especially the whistling bit.

Not only was adding sound an expensive process but Hollywood honestly didn't think audiences would be interested in hearing the actors speak. It was almost a year before the first "all-talking" movie would come out -- Lights of New York.

As for May McAvoy's hair, considering how most pictures show her as a very dark-haired brunette, I figure she was either wearing a wig or she stuck her head in a barrel of Clorox. I mean really!