Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nominees For Best Supporting Actor Of 1931-32

John Barrymore (Grand Hotel)

Lionel Barrymore (Grand Hotel)

Boris Karloff (Frankenstein)

Roland Young (The Guardsman and One Hour With You)
Hmm. Not quite as cheesecake-y as the supporting actresses ... but fine actors, all.


thingy said...

Really. Where are the hunks?


Mythical Monkey said...

Yeah, not much beefcake in 1931-32 but next year I foresee nominations for Paul Robeson, Clark Gable and Gary Cooper (among many others -- the awards for 1932-33 covered 17 months, so I envision an expanded, Golden Globes-style process).

Admittedly, I can only guess what you might consider hunk-y, but they would seem to qualify.

Then in 1937, Cary Grant starts hanging around ... I'm pretty sure he qualifies as a hunk.

Zoe said...

So you choose who gets awarded (or should of won in 31-32?) I say Boris Karloff or Lionel Barrymore, hands down. hard to choose between though.

I'm pretty sure that John Barrymore was considered a hunk BACK THEN. ? wouldn't say so now, but his profile is still amazing.

Mythical Monkey said...

I'm pretty sure that John Barrymore was considered a hunk BACK THEN.

If you want to John Barrymore really chew some scenery, you should dig up his 1920 silent version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It was so famous, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. did an imitation of it ten years later in Our Modern Maidens and it was instantly recognizable.

Lupner said...

John B. did have an amazing profile. But you gotta wonder if he ever tired of being photographed that way . . .

That is an impressive bunch. Am especially fond of Boris Karloff. I recognize Roland Young but would not have known him by name.