Thursday, June 3, 2010

Comments, Comedy and Clara Bow

Going back to comment moderation for a while which may mean a brief delay before your comments show up, but at least we can keep this "Mythical Monkey" guy out of here.

Oh, wait, that's me.

The essay about the best comedy director of 1932-33 promises to be one of those five thousand word jobs so I'm going to start publishing it in pieces, the same way I did when I wrote about City Lights. I'm not telling you who I'm choosing (perhaps you can guess), but I think he's worth taking a bit of time talking about.

In the meantime, it's 1933 here in Monkeyland and Clara Bow is about to flee Hollywood permanently, moving with her husband Rex Bell to a ranch in Nevada where she spent most of the rest of her life. So how about we take time out for a few last photos before she drives off into the sunset.


Maggie said...

Testing. Hope I didn't tick the Monkey off.

I must confess, I don't think I have ever seen Clara Bow in a movie, but when the book mobile came around (those two times) I picked out a book with the most beautiful photos of actors from the 30's.

As the author noted, she had "IT" I am going to have to see her in a film, but her 'something' does come through.

Mythical Monkey said...

Hope I didn't tick the Monkey off.

Not unless you're selling viagra on the internet ...

I was going to shrug it off then I got worried the site might have a virus or something and didn't want my more curious readers clicking themselves into trouble, so I deleted the comments and turned on the comment moderation.

As for Clara Bow, the two movies you might track down are It and Wings -- the latter is more of a supporting role, the former, the classic romantic comedy about a sexually aggressive young woman who sets her cap for her boss. I like them both.

Erik Beck said...

And while people think of nudity as a late addition to films, Clara Bow actually had the first nude scene in a Best Picture winner - with a quick scene in Wings when she is getting dressed in the hotel room. It wouldn't happen again until 1969.

And since, unlike Monroe or Kelly, she was never much on acting talent, I think the best comparison is to Jane Fonda in her sex kitten days - very much IT.

Mythical Monkey said...

I think Clara Bow had that thing all stars have -- that certain something that makes you look at them no matter what's going on. It's like in Wings, the Germans are strafing a column of troops and the guy's about to bomb a, oh, hey, there's Clara Bow!

In the silent days, you could make a career out of that.

Sensorboy said...

So long Clara! We enjoyed your time in Hollywood. Don't go crazy out there in the Nevada desert!

Maggie said...

Laugh. Viagra? No.

But, do you need some Extenze?

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

Like thingy, I've never seen a Clara Bow movie, but I DO do a double take every time i see her in a photo. It is a kind of mystery voodoo thing, this "IT," thing isn't it? People of all genders, times & geographies recognize it, but no one can really explain it?

It's like in Wings, the Germans are strafing a column of troops and the guy's about to bomb a, oh, hey, there's Clara Bow!

(Pay no mind to me, it's just that I sincerely enjoy retyping truly great sentences like that) (hey there are worse vices and I've tried most of them) :-)

mister muleboy said...

I'm really proud that, for the first time ever, comment moderation has been effected to combat someone who is not . . . me!