Monday, August 9, 2010

Chaplin At The AFI Silver

August is Charlie Chaplin month at the AFI Silver Theatre. So is September for that matter. For those of you lucky enough to live near Silver Spring, Maryland, you have a chance to see new 35 mm prints of Chaplin's best work on the big screen—and by that, I mean the big screen (those of you who have been to the AFI Silver know what I mean).

Yesterday, Katie-Bar-The-Door and I saw The Circus (with the 1921 short The Idle Class as an appetizer). The former features some of Chaplin's best bits, including a police chase through a maze of mirrors, and a highwire act with the Tramp and three naughty monkeys (no relation). In the latter, the Tramp plays golf and wanders into a ritzy costume party.

This coming weekend, we get the classic City Lights, which would be my choice as Chaplin's best movie, if I were unfortunate enough to live in a world where such choices were necessary.

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Tomorrow: More Garbo.

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