Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Monkey's In The House

Katie-Bar-The-Door and I are back home at last after a long road trip that included a little excursion down to Nashville for our niece's wedding. I'm sure most bloggers wouldn't let a little thing like the lack of an internet connection stop them from blogging, but I'm not that technologically savvy, and besides, it's not that easy to write brilliant essays while consuming vast quantities of champagne.

But now that I'm back here at Monkey Manor, I've taken a moment to do a bit of blog housekeeping. I've created a stand-alone page with the complete list of Katie-Bar-The-Door Award nominees, with pictures and highlighted links to my essays about the winners. Hopefully, this will make it a bit easier to find out who won and lost without having to wade through a year and half of this jibber jabber.

I should be back to the hard work of blogging tomorrow or Friday with part five of my nine thousand part essay about the Marx Brothers.


Bellotoot said...

Nine thousand part essay on the Marx Brothers, eh?

But is that enough?

Mythical Monkey said...

One can never have too much Marx Brothers, I always say.

mister muleboy said...

sorry we missed the day game

attendance by former colleagues made our attendance a bad thing, though, so we're better for missing it

i can't believe you'd blog about champagne in front of an alcoholic

mister muleboy said...

Hey, bub; you were close, but not close enough. . .