Monday, October 10, 2011

The Monkey At Sharpologist

Starting today, the Monkey has an occasional new gig, writing about the history of "shaving in the movies" for Sharpologist, a new online magazine devoted to shaving and grooming for men. Sharpologist is the new project of Mantic59, whose Shaving Journal blog has been touted as essential by the likes of Money magazine.

What is Sharpologist? Why, let's ask Mantic59 himself:

Why does Sharpologist exist? To pass on to you what your father didn’t teach you about grooming and style.

That means clear, well-written tutorials on grooming (particularly traditional wet shaving) and reviews of products you need to know about. We promise not to take ourselves too seriously, though: we’ll also include the occasional “off topic” article. Men who care about the topics we’re passionate about also like gadgets and toys and other stuff that makes our significant others’ scratch their heads. (At least ours do.)

And while we advocate certain products and techniques, we promise not to get too preachy on you. We’ll build a community based on mutual assistance, a sense of humor and rock-solid advice from men in the know.

Sharpologist: Look sharp. Feel sharp. Be sharp.

Anyway, the point is, I have an article there called "Shaving in Hollywood: You Can Learn A Lot About Shaving From The Movies (Some Of It Even Useful)." I promise it's the sort of Monkey jibber-jabber you're used to, only more concise.

Click here to check it out.


Clarissa said...

Is the human Bowie Knife shave nowadays passé de la mode? Indians were actually plucking, weren't they?
Currently I am molting, which is better for people with delicate skin. On the other hand they admittedly had to whirl the broom because of that after yesterday's World Animals worship service.

Plain Chicken said...

very cool!

Pretty Clever Film Gal said...

A mythical monkey writes about movie shaving? I would pay to see a monkey shaving or even just a shaven monkey, in the movies or otherwise. That would really be something.

Congrats on the new gig!

Diomar Salvado said...

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