Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Big Brother

After a lifetime of hard work, my older brother finally hung it up last week. But as my former next door neighbor once pointed out, just because he's retired doesn't mean he needs a rocking chair.

I ain't ready for the junkyard yet
'Cause I still feel like a new Corvette
It might take a little longer but I'll get there
Well, I don't need your rockin' chair

Happy birthday, brother.


Tom said...

All the best to your brother. Love that song too by the way. Incidentally the Possum is still touring, but according to this news story, next year will be his last.

Uncle Tom said...

Ah, biggest brother retired (when you're the baby, you have a bigger brother and a biggest brother) - I'm confident that he'll enjoy his much earned time off very much.

Interesting choice of musical artist given he was our neighbor for several years. He lived two doors down (is that how you say he was our next door neighbor's next door neighbor?). He and Tammy Wynette were married then. Given we were pretty young and not aware of the effects of a hangover, and given the Possum's propensity to have a hangover in those days, we could never understand why Mr Jones was SO nice one day and then so mean the next. Once we experienced our respective first hangovers, it all made sense.

By the way, there's few sites in this world worse than a hungover Monkey.