Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Lina Lamont Fan Club Throws Down The Gauntlet

FlickChick, author of the blog A Person in the Dark and president of the Lina Lamont fan club, is on the offensive:

"Yes, loyal fans," she writes, "we are still here. No matter how hard her enemies try to destroy her legacy, Lina Lamont's fans will not rest until the truth is known and Lina is awarded her proper place in the history of film."

You know the story—one of the biggest stars of the silent era, Lina Lamont's career took an abrupt turn for the worst with the advent of sound. While her screen partner Don Lockwood went on to a big career in sound pictures with wife Kathy Selden, Lina quickly faded from public view—and from the public's memory.

"They have rediscovered Louise Brooks," says FlickChick. "Now it's time for a Lina Lamont revival!"

We here at the Monkey will do our part. Digging through my treasure trove of silent era memorabilia, I've come up with this vintage poster of the biggest hit of Lina's career, The Royal Rascal.

Stop on over at A Person in the Dark, read the whole story and show your support for this worthwhile cause!


FlickChick said...

We knew we could count on you for support!!! We here at Team Lina will not be silenced! And if they keep showing the scurrilous "Singin' in the Rain" hatchet job, well, we can SUE! (thanks for the support! ;)

thingy said...

I cayn't stanher.