Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Katie-Bar-The-Door Awards (1998)

Katie-Bar-The-Door and I saw The Big Lebowski in Paris during a freakishly unseasonable heat wave in 1998. Along with the Cinema Astro in Florence, Italy, any theater in Paris is the best venue for watching a movie anywhere in the world.

By the way, the French call all those ads and previews before the feature film starts the "séance"—a term Katie and I still use. They are (or at least were) also adverse to translating heavy-duty swearing into the French subtitles, preferring the all-purpose "merde," the explanation being that to see anything stronger in print on the screen would be too shocking for the audience. Which may or may not be true, but certainly it meant that the non-English speakers in the audience missed out on the rather delightful tapestry of profanity that made The Big Lebowski such a great film.

winner: Saving Private Ryan (prod. Steven Spielberg, Ian Bryce, Mark Gordon and Gary Levinsohn)

PICTURE (Comedy/Musical)
winner: Shakespeare in Love (prod. David Parfitt, Donna Gigliotti, Harvey Weinstein, Edward Zwick and Marc Norman)
Must-See Comedy/Musical:

PICTURE (Foreign Language)
winner: Central do Brasil (Central Station) (prod. Martine de Clermont-Tonnerre, Arthur Cohn, Robert Redford and Walter Salles)

ACTOR (Drama)
winner: Ian McKellen (Gods and Monsters)

ACTOR (Comedy/Musical)
winner: Jeff Bridges (The Big Lebowski)

winner: Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth)

ACTRESS (Comedy/Musical)
winner: Jane Horrocks (Little Voice)

winner: Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan)

DIRECTOR (Comedy/Musical)
winner: Steven Soderbergh (Out of Sight)

winner: Bill Murray (Rushmore)

winner: Kathy Bates (Primary Colors)

winner: Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love)

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