Wednesday, March 6, 2013

First Round Results—And More Voting

One close race and a lot of blowouts so far in round one of the 1960s bracket of the Favorite Classic Movie Actress Tournament.

Some numbers for you:

In the "Song and Dance" category,
#1 Natalie Wood def. #8 Rita Moreno, 56-20.
#7 Shirley Jones def. #2 Shirley MacLaine, 45-42.
#6 Liza Minnelli def. #3 Barbra Streisand, 50-35.
#4 Ann-Margret def. #5 Diahann Carroll, 58-15.

In the "Foreign Affair" category,
#1 Catherine Deneuve def. #8 Jeanne Moreau, 43-22.
#2 Liv Ullmann def. #7 Lila Kedrova, 54-13.
#6 Romy Schneider def. #3 Anna Karina, 37-21.
#5 Claudia Cardinale def. #4 Giulletta Masina, 38-22.

"The Power of the Partridge," crowed Shirley Jones after her upset of #2 seed Shirley MacLaine. "Too many voters with too many memories of that hot MILF-y television mama—I couldn't lose!"

"I was jinxed from the word go," Shirley MacLaine said bitterly. "The first time I was ever kissed was in a cemetery. We went up there to smoke and somebody said kissing a smoker was like licking an ashtray, so we licked some ashtrays and then—oh, shut up and deal!"
In the other brackets, a couple of notable names went down to defeat—four-time Oscar winner Katharine Hepburn and silent film legend Louise Brooks.

"Great minds discuss ideas," Hepburn said afterwards, "average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. And idiots vote for someone other than me! I won four Oscars, I wrote great books, I slept with Spencer Tracy, John Ford and Howard Hughes! And I was a huge star! I mean, I was in Rooster Cogburn and the Lady, dammit! What more do they want?"
Louise Brooks was unavailable for comment, busy doing her own thing and having much too good a time to bother chatting with blog typing sock monkeys.

Part Two of the first round starts now and runs until Saturday night. Remember:

Monty of All Good Things is hosting the 1930s bracket (click here).
Desiree of Rosalind Russell: Dazzling Star is hosting the 1940s bracket (click here).
Kristen of Journeys in Classic Film is hosting the 1950s bracket (click here).
and yours truly is hosting the 1960s bracket (you're already here)!

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Desiree said...

LOVE that picture of Kate!! Haha, poor Kate... I voted for her, but I love Livvie too!