Sunday, March 10, 2013

Round Two (And More Round One Results)

Okay, round two is up and running—well, for the most part.

Kristen, who is hosting the 1950s bracket over at Journeys in Classic Film, discovered to her chagrin that the "free" site she was using to generate her poll wasn't so free after all. So she's starting part two of round one over again. Click here to recast your votes.

In the meantime, the rest of us are good to go. We'll be running half of round two through Wednesday afternoon, then the rest of round two on Wednesday night through Saturday (Kristen will run all of her round two Wednesday through Saturday). Got that?

In the 1960s bracket, here are your match-ups:

Song and Dance
#1 Natalie Wood versus #4 Ann-Margret

#6 Liza Minnelli versus #7 Shirley Jones

A Foreign Affair
#1 Catherine Deneuve versus #5 Claudia Cardinale

#2 Liv Ullmann versus #6 Romy Schneider

To vote in the other Round Two contests:

Monty of All Good Things is hosting the 1930s bracket (click here).
Desiree of Rosalind Russell: Dazzling Star is hosting the 1940s bracket (click here).

Oh, and for those keeping score at home, these were the results of Round One (Part Two) here at the Monkey:

#1 Julie Andrews def. #8 Margaret Rutherford, 41-14
#7 Diana Rigg def. #2 Julie Christie, 43-19
#6 Angela Lansbury def. #3 Jean Simmons, 44-22
#4 Maggie Smith def. #5 Vanessa Redgrave, 50-16
#1 Anne Bancroft def. #8 Julie Harris, 42-10
#7 Tuesday Weld def. #2 Jane Fonda, 41-24
#6 Paula Prentiss def. #3 Faye Dunaway, 38-25
#4 Patricia Neal def. #5 Geraldine Page, 33-30


monty said...

Im going with Natalie, Shirley, Catherine and Romy!

mister muleboy said...

Natalie Wood v. Ann-Margret is a painful choice for me.

I would like both for Christmas, please. . . .

VP81955 said...

This year, we at "Carole & Co." are pulling out all the stops for the lovely Lombard this year -- including, AFAIK, the first-ever image of Carole as a giantess: