Sunday, September 15, 2013

O Say Can You See

Tomorrow, I'll share photos from yesterday's Defender's Day celebration at Fort McHenry where the Maryland Historical Society hoisted a full-size replica of the Star-Bangled Banner. In the meantime, here's the segment CBS ran this morning on the Sunday Morning News.

At that point in the video when the "Stitchers," as the volunteers were known, unfolded the flag on the fort's parade ground just before the flag flies, Katie-Bar-The-Door is the one standing at the join of the red stripe and the white stripe on the right hand side of the screen—you do have eagle eyes, don't you?


Stephanie Parker said...

we saw this on CBS this morning! We looked for Katherine. I will watch it again so I can see her now that I know where to look!

Katie said...

I'm the third head from the right. :) The only reason we could find me at all is that we paused at exactly the right moment, and I knew exactly where I was standing, and who I was standing with. My friends at work didn't believe I was actually working on the flag since I never showed up in any of the pictures on the MdHS website or in the media. However, the MdHS took overhead pictures every 4 minutes of the work in progress over the six weeks the flag was stitched. They're going to create a video of all the pictures, and there's going to be one sequence where I spend an afternoon crawling over the tables to reinforce stitching on some of the seams. There will be proof(!) that I was there.

Uncle Tom said...

this is so cool on so many levels!