Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Great Silent Recasting Blogathon, Part Three: Ernst Lubitsch's Bullets Over Broadway

Day 3 of Carole & Co.'s Great Silent Recasting Blogathon.

Today: An Ernst Lubitsh pre-make of Woody Allen's 1994 film and current Broadway musical, Bullets over Broadway. Ronald Colman gets the John Cusack role as a talentless playwright, Gloria Swanson Dianne Wiest's Oscar-winning role as an over-the-hill Broadway diva, a young Jean Harlow plays the brainless gangster's moll, Louis Wolheim the gangster, George Bancroft the bodyguard with a hidden talent, Theodore Roberts the harried manager, Fay Wray the long-suffering wife. Also with Anna May Wong, Claude Allister and Zasu Pitts.

Tomorrow: Clara Bow and Gary Cooper.


VP81955 said...

Another winner! (And I'm certain that Woody would appreciate the idea of Lubitsch "pre-making" one of his movies.)

FlickChick said...

Gosh - you always do such an awesome job with these - just smashing!!

Mythical Monkey said...

Thanks! Today's the most difficult in technical terms. Tomorrow's was even harder. Lot of fun, though!