Friday, November 1, 2013

The Great Silent Recasting Blogathon, Part One: Mary Pickford's Freaky Friday

Carole & Co., the great site devoted to all things Carole Lombard, is hosting The Great Silent Recasting Blogathon, today through the 4th. The rules are simple enough:

[S]elect a film from 1965 onward ... then re-imagine it with silent-era actors and a director, as well as a studio and year of release. ... If an actor or actress appeared in a silent, even in bit parts, he or she is eligible as long as the fictional fllm is made at a time when he or she was actually working.

Four days, four posts—at least that's how we're playing it here at the Monkey. First up: Mary Pickford and Mary Pickford as mother and daughter in a silent era pre-make of the Disney classic Freaky Friday.

Tomorrow: Douglas Fairbanks.


VP81955 said...

Four in four days? Above and beyond the call of duty!

Here's my re-casting (and of course, it has Carole in it):

BTW, for now, I like the Matt Williams hiring -- but since I'm a fan, that can change.

Mythical Monkey said...

I like what Matt Williams has done so far, especially retaining the coaches and hiring a defensive positioning scout.

I'm definitely of the never-boo/always-cheer/save-your-grumbling-for-your-morning-coffee-while-reading-Boswell's-column kind of fan. Baseball is an epic novel whose storyline plays out over decades. If you're impatient or pessimistic, it'll drive you insane.

VP81955 said...

Speaking or Boswell, thank God he wasn't able to shove Cal Ripken down the Lerners' throat just to satisfy his Earl Weaver-era Oriole obsession. That idea had Mike Schmidt at Clearwater written all over it (Schmitty owns a fine baseball mind, as his writings on the game have shown -- but the grind of managing wasn't in him and he gave it up midway through his first season).