Sunday, October 20, 2013

Upcoming Blogathons In November

I've been busy working on the Great American Novel lately, so very little blogging, but here are two blogathons upcoming in November I can't resist: the Great Silent Recasting Blogathon (November 1-4) hosted by Carole & Co.; and the What A Character Blogathon (November 9-11) hosted by Outspoken & Freckled, Paula's Cinema Club, and Once Upon a Screen. In honor of the former, I'll be serving up posters for four modern movies I'd like to have seen made during the silent era; for the latter, three days of lists pertaining to my favorite silent character actors.

A couple of teasers, the first a movie I didn't include in the blogathon, Lillian Gish in Carrie, the second, my favorite silent actor who was quite a character but not a character actor:

The painting of Lillian Gish is by Paul Lovering. I added the drop of blood. The latter is Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., of course.

See you in November.


Unknown said...

I implore you to stop touting that dough-waisted lout Fairbanks.

If you call leaping about acting, you can take this column and wash with it.

Good day, sir.

I said "good day"!

Mythical Monkey said...

Good to see you again Lon -- give ol' Douglas Fairbanks hell!

VP81955 said...

Looking forward to your contribution to "The Great Silent Recasting"...and, as a fellow Nats fan, to Matt Williams as manager in 2014.

Mythical Monkey said...

I'm eager to see what Matt Williams has got. He has big shoes to fill, but also some elbow to room to work with given this last season's disappointments.

As for the four posters I made, I've scheduled them to post worst to best, or anyway, least satisfied with the result to most satisfied.