Thursday, March 20, 2014

Third Round Update: Doris Day And Marilyn Monroe Are Tied

If I had to pick two actresses from the 1950s who best typified the decade's popular tastes, Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe would be it. They were both blondes, both comediennes, both singers, but they couldn't have been more different and at times they seemed to be leading the culture in opposite directions. They were both the best at what they did, though, and choosing between them is the toughest choice of the tournament so far. Indeed, as of lunchtime today, they are tied.

Still plenty of time to vote. Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell the stranger sitting next to you on the bus. Tell them to make their way over to the Monkey and cast what might very well be the deciding vote in a culture war that's been raging for more than fifty years.

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Scotty said...

I knew Doris Day before she was a virgin.

Oscar Levant

ListsMania said...

every time when we look at her picture a feeling strikes that she is still alive but in our hearts :(