Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You And I Are Going To Live Forever

From Thingy's blog "Pondering Life":

I don't want to step on Mr. Myth's toes, but I think I'll be safe if we move up to the 21st Century. As wonderful and informative as his essays are, he should be about 140 when he gets here.

Don't you worry: my head has reserved a spot in the freezer right next to Ted Williams.

Self-portrait: "The Monkey's Head On Ice"


Katie said...

I can verify that this is what the Monkey looks like. Especially when he's picking up after the dog.

Douglas Fairbanks said...

Allan Dwan can kiss my ass!

Oh -- KTBtD, have yourself a delightful holiday, and watch after the MythMon's head.

Not a word out of you two . . . .