Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Blogging, Plain Chicken And The Common Cold

While KC is on maternity leave, she's asked her fellow film fanatics to take over her linking duties on a rotating basis. Today's guest blogger is none other than yours truly.

In case you don't follow Classic Movies, every morning KC culls through the hundreds of blogs on the internet dedicated to classic film and provides links to four to six of the day's best. If you think that's easy, you should try it some time—I spent hours on it and in the end mostly wound up worrying about the blogs I didn't link to. It's a terrible responsibility.

Anyway, you can click here to see my choices.

Speaking of linking, here's a link to my niece's blog, Plain Chicken. As I've mentioned before, she posts recipes, easy, fun, tasty meals for people with a fussy palate—ideal if you work and/or have kids.

Plain Chicken has become what we all dream about when we start writing, an avenue to fame and fortune. Or at least an income and some recognition. (the internet version of the Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama newspapers) picked up Plain Chicken some time ago and today the Birmingham News print edition published an article about the blog in this morning's paper. (My more tech savvy niece and little brother subsequently sent me the internet link to the article, here.)

Plain Chicken's dad, my big brother, sent a photo:

How about that.

As for me, I am pounding out another of those epic essays I write every now and then, this one about Les Vampires. No, it's not one of those 1960s-era movies about lesbian vampires—it's a 1915 French serial about a criminal organization known as The Vampires. Is it good? No, it's great and it influenced directors as diverse as Luis Buñuel, Fritz Lang and Alfred Hitchcock.

But I also have a cold and it's slowing down my already snail's pace, so I'm making no promises as to when it'll be up. But I'll have it for you when I can.

(The Arctic Monkey with a cup of tea is from the blog Loft and Lost.)


Plain Chicken said...

Thanks for the shout out! The article is online too - here

mister muleboy said...


Page said...

I will definitely be adding Plain Chicken to my reading list!
Thanks for choosing my Novarro write up.

You can only use a cold as an excuse for one week so enjoy it while you can!
: )

whistlingypsy said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling under the weather, but a good cup of tea should fix you right up. Thank you Mythical for the link and the mention on KC’s blog; this is a really fun format to share the blog love. I visited your niece’s blog when you last posted a link and I tried one of her chicken and pasta recipes, which was quite yummy, lovely to see that she and “Chicken Legs” are getting local and global recognition. Take care of yourself; I’m looking forward to reading your latest epic devoted to LES VAMPIRES and Musidora.

Katie said...

Wow, not only is that a very close resemblance to the monkey (but why is he wearing my robe?), but that's also our china!

mister muleboy said...

Hey, Gypsy, the Monkey will indeed have that cuppa

He'll go with Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast.

I'll have some Taylors Lapsang Souchong

Then we'll get down to bidness

Mythical Monkey said...

I miss walking up to Betty's in Harrogate for tea.

I'd say those were the days except it turns out these are the days.

mister muleboy said...

I'd say those were the days except it turns out these are the days.


You happy?

Mythical Monkey said...

You happy?

I am happy these days. The world is spinning in greased grooves, as Steinbeck would have said.

Or as Albert Camus put it, "Just because life has no meaning is no reason to put on a frowny face." (That's my own translation of the original French.)

Beveridge D. Spenser said...

Les Vampires was on Netflix Watch Instantly for a brief, shining moment...

I know of it mostly through Olivier Assayas' Irma Vep, w/ Maggie Cheung in the lead role. Not a remake, but a movie about a remake. Funny and interesting.

Mythical Monkey said...

Les Vampires is definitely worth tracking down. Once Musidora as Irma Vep shows up in episode three, it really takes off. She really made murder, robbery and kidnapping look sexy.

Just between you and me, if one were to look up its Wikipedia entry on the internet, one would find links to all ten episodes in the Internet Archive. But I don't think it's the beautiful, restored Gaumont edition.

Fortunately, Katie-Bar-The-Door gave me the DVD a couple of Christmases ago. I watched it again this week. Really fun stuff.

KC said...

Holy cow--hundreds of blogs? If I only had the time--hehe. Thanks for the links Monkey; they were marvelous. I'm looking forward to checking out Plain Chicken. I already have one picky eater and I wouldn't be surprised if I had another one on the way.

Mythical Monkey said...

I'm looking forward to checking out Plain Chicken.

I've actually followed several recipes from Plain Chicken to great effect -- and believe me, if I can do it, anybody can do it.

Uncle Tom said...

everybody's got something to cook except me and the Monkey