Sunday, July 24, 2011

Carole-tennial+3—Are You In?

I'm in. Carole Lombard turns 103 this year and the good, good folks at Carole & Co. are hosting a blogathon—or should I say the "Carole-tennial+3"—October 6-9, 2011. I've got dibs on Carole's silent work. Unless, of course, somebody bigger wrestles it away from me. But I've got five of her silent films under my belt now and another on its way.

I promise to write the usual two thousand words until you say "Uncle!"

Read more about the Carole-tennial+3 here.


VP81955 said...

Thank you for:

1. The plug.
2. Agreeing to participate (if anyone else wishes to, follow the link).
3. Using one of my newer banners (as a whole, I think they're better than the old batch).

I eagerly await your entry. Silent-era Lombard is deserving of rediscovery (though it would help if more of her films were available).

Irene Palfy said...

This sounds so great.. I am eager to read your posts!