Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Before, During And After #8: Joan Crawford

age 5

age 28 (Today We Live, 1933)

age 54 (circa 1959 by Ray Graham)


Who Am Us Anyway? said...

It's always been pretty clear that the (hollywood version of) Joan would've had no time for me ... which turns down the Who fondest dial, which in turn reflects the inverse of the brilliant "I'd never join a club that would have me for a member ..."), to wit: I wouldn't want to apply to a club that wouldn't want me for a member (which would be ALL clubs, but that's not my point ...)

Mythical Monkey said...

While Mildred Pierce is my favorite Joan Crawford performance, there are only two movies where she played a character I'd want to talk to in real life -- Grand Hotel and Humoresque. In her other early movies, she plays a brassy party girl, and in her later films, a neurotic harridan wearing that hard, hard mask of a face.

Myrna Loy, on the other hand, two posts north of here, well, hubba hubba, bub.