Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today's Oscar Trivia #13

They Shoot, He Scores Alfred Newman has been nominated for his film scores an amazing 45 times, tying him with John Williams for the most by any composer. For what 1947 Betty Grable vehicle did Newman win an Oscar for Best Scoring of a Motion Picture?

It Takes Two Very rarely has the same film win two different writing awards. Name the 1947 Christmas classic starring Edmund Gwenn that won for Best Original Story and Best Screenplay.

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Erik Beck said...

Mother Wore Tights - which is even more mediocre than Romance on the High Seas

Miracle on 34th Street

the other film to do the double writing win:

The Story of Louis Pasteur
Here Comes Mr Jordan
Going My Way

interesting note on Louis Pasteur and Miracle:

they are 2 of only 13 films to win a writing Oscar while getting nominated for Picture, bot not Director

they are 2 of only 14 films to win every Oscar they were nominated for - EXCEPT Best Picture

the other films on this rather bizarre second list:

Bad Girl
The Private Life of Henry VIII
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Naughty Marietta
The Adventures of Robin Hood
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
A Letter to Three Wives
King Solomon's Mines
Three Coins in the Fountain
The Blind Side