Monday, February 7, 2011

Today's Oscar Trivia #7

All Or Nothing Almost always, films nominated as Best Picture are also nominated in other categories. Even so, a few films received a nomination in the top category and no other. Among them is what 1934 historical drama starring George Arliss, Loretta Young and Boris Karloff?

Picture Perfect Leon Shamroy is tied for both the total number of nominations for Best Cinematography (18, tied with Charles B. Lang, Jr.) and wins in the category (four, tied with Joseph Ruttenberg). What 1942 swashbuckler starring Tyrone Power and Maureen O'Hara was among his wins?

Playing Out The String In the history of the Academy Awards, only two women have been nominated as Best Actress five years in a row. Bette Davis is one, who is the other?

And remember, you can check out TCM's entire "31 Days of Oscar" schedule here.


Katie said...

With only a little bit of help because the Monkey was feeling unloved and we can't have that!

The House of Rothschild
Black Swan
Greer Garson

Erik Beck said...

Sorry, I've been busy all day.

Also only getting 1 nom (for just Picture) in 1934 were:

The White Parade
Here Comes the Navy

And Greer Garson starred in the other 1942 winner of Best Cinematography - Mrs. Miniver

Mythical Monkey said...

I like Greer Garson as much as the next guy -- she is a redhead afterall, and she did star in Random Harvest -- but the notion that she is one of two actresses who was nominated five years in a row is astounding. Not Katharine Hepburn or Greta Garbo or Barbara Stanwyck or Ingrid Bergman or ...