Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cary Grant

107 years old today, and more highly regarded now as an actor than he ever was during his lifetime. The forty-five years that have passed since his retirement without a worthy successor have proved that, while he may have made it look easy, it most certainly wasn't easy.

Here's a photo of Cary Grant, circa 1934. Katie-Bar-the-Door insists he gets better looking the older he gets. Something for you to look forward to.


Maggie said...

Happy Birthday, handsome!

I bet he'd still look great at 107.

Max Evel said...

That guy was one classy actor .

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cary,
epitome of a great movie star.
Have to agree with Katie-bar-the-door I think he did get more handsome/ distinguished as he got older but he really liked the tan look didn't he.

Lupner said...

Okay, I'm abandoning my seemingly impossible quest of catching up and posting only chronologically as I read (and not sure why I felt the need to do that anyhow, but, we all have our issues. I had a dream. The dream is over. I shall return. Yadayadayada.):

Cary G., Cary G. Love him, love him, love him. He had the gorgeous, he had the wit, the charm, the hilarious, the dramatic ability ... he did not ever disappoint. As I said to our dear friend Mister Muleboy -- *sigh*.

Mythical Monkey said...

Hey, welcome back, lupner! I should post Cary Grant photos more often, huh.

No need to sort through all the old posts -- there's about three novels-worth back there. If you want the nutshell version of 2010's posts, click here. They're not necessarily the ten best, just the ten I most enjoyed writing. And if you care deeply about who won what fake alternate Oscar-type Katie-Bar-The-Door awards, you can click here and get the complete list of nominees and winners, along with links to essays and pictures.

But stick around -- I'm going to start posting my essay about the films of 1906-1914 this afternoon, piecemeal fashion. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Lupner said...

Ooh, thanks for the short-cuts -- though I do plan to have read every single post at some point, even if it takes waiting for the book! Would also like to say that I read the Marx Bros. essay in its entirety way back when and enjoyed immensely --