Sunday, July 11, 2021

Alternate Oscars: 1970 (Re-Do)

A great year for actors, a lousy one for actresses, at least in the lead categories.

I don't know about you, but for me, the best actor trophy comes down to Jack Nicholson or George C. Scott. Here's a refresher course, in case you've forgotten:

I go back and forth. Who you got?

By the way, I did not nominate Don Rickles for best supporting actor this time around. That's the sort of thing you do when you're battling cancer and you need a lift before your next round of chemo and radiation. That was then, this is now. Although the late, great Don Rickles was my favorite stand-up comedian — my pals Bellotoot, Mister Muleboy and I saw him something like twelve times, and he once devoted a solid ten minutes in the middle of one of those shows to insulting me personally (carve that on my tombstone) — and though he brings me joy whenever I see him on the screen, especially in Kelly's Heroes, he was not really an Oscar-caliber actor. Sorry, Mr. Rickles.
Anyway, have at it.

My choices are noted with a ★. A tie is indicated with a ✪. Historical Oscar winners are noted with a ✔. Best foreign-language picture winners are noted with an ƒ. A historical winner who won in a different category is noted with a ✱.


mister muleboy said...

MythMon: sorry that your account got hacked. I’m going to wait until you remedy it he bastardo’s excision of Don Rickles for Best Supporting Actor. That should take too long.

Thanks !

Mythical Monkey said...

In triplicate!

Bellotoot said...

I'm so steamed Rickles insulted you for ten minutes, you don't know!!!