Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Alternate Oscars: On A Brief Hiatus

My drive-by ballot box stuffer showed up again this last weekend so I finally decided to do something about it, paying for a professional polling service. I'm busy converting my recent polls to the new setup. I'll probably be finished by this weekend.

As an added benefit, I've been able to clean up my old alternate Oscar polls, deleting the votes of the two or three people who abused the system. And I'm not talking four or five votes — that's enthusiasm. I'm talking forty or fifty votes, and even more. That's obsessive-compulsive disorder. Seek treatment. Or write your own Oscar blog. And then let me know about it — I'll be happy to read it.

By the way, as I cleaned up the voting, some pleasant surprises popped out — wins for Ginger Rogers, Irene Dunne, Margaret Dumont, Tony Curtis, Tom Hanks. And Saving Private Ryan did not lose to The Truman Show. Good stuff.

Anyway, don't go away, I'll be back.

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