Saturday, July 31, 2021

Alternate Oscars: 1995 (Re-Do)

Lots of complaints about my picks for 1995 so I started from scratch and went with a purely consensus set of nominees. A pretty grim list. My fellow Oscar nuts don't have much of a sense of humor is all I can say.

If I didn't nominate your favorite movie or performer, don't blame me.

In case you were wondering, my personal favorites are, in alphabetical order, Apollo 13, Babe, Before Sunrise, Clueless, Congo, Devil in a Blue Dress, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Get Shorty, A Little Princess, Persuasion, The Quick and the Dead, Richard III and Toy Story. A baker's dozen. All top ten lists should be a baker's dozen.
The worst movie of the year, for those playing at home, was Demi Moore's version of The Scarlet Letter, with Showgirls giving it a real run for its money. I'd say one day we should hand out Alternate Razzie Awards for history's worst movies and performances, but life is too short to self-inflict one's own misery.

My choices are noted with a ★. A tie is indicated with a ✪. Historical Oscar winners are noted with a ✔. Best foreign-language picture winners are noted with an ƒ. A historical winner who won in a different category is noted with a ✱.

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